Blue Long Span Pipe Rack

Happy New Year 2022 !

LSWE 14 nos Silo

Joe Green Mixer Silo Fabrication & Erection

Johor x ILP Pasir Gudang Career Fair 2024

Happy Chinese New Year 2023!

YTL Shopee Structural Steel Warehouse

Open Ceremony 2022

Happy Chinese New Year 2022 !

Welcome 2021

Chinese New Year 2021

Time Lapse Roof Installation with Crane Luffing

Busy All Around

Empty Test on Turning Stability

Teamwork on SAW

DAF Tank with Scrapper

Foldable Platform Design

Water Clarifier PVO

Bevelling on Edge Preparation

Membrane Press Filter Designed

Laser Cutting - Flying Without Wings

Initial D Style Corner Weld

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